Culture and Colonization


“A culture may be likened to a river with a surface level and a deep level. The surface is visible. Most of the river, however, lies beneath the surface and in largely invisible. Anything that happens on the surface of the river is affected by deep-level phenomena such as the current, the cleanness or dirtiness of the river, other objects in the river and so on.”fullsizeoutput_33a9

His analogy revealed something obvious to those who live in the culture of Black American, those who are viewed from a surface level of behavior yet often without going deeper to examine the causes of that behavior.

It is good for us, as Christians, to explore various theories and concept of culture and worldview. It is also good for us to examine the roots of the European sentiment geared towards cultures other than its own. I appreciate reading authors who originated from African, Asian, and Latin American cultures to gain input from one who is the subject of mission and colonization. As my overall learning increases,perhaps I will be able to contribute on a scholarly level an opinion on the effects of the theories within the African-American culture toward missions in Africa.

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