I Can’t Breathe…Again!


I awoke this morning, stunned by the news of the tragic death of a Black American by a Minneapolis Police Officer. It was shocking to see the video of the man on the ground repeatedly crying “I Can’t Breathe.” Bystanders began to assemble in an attempt to intercede for the handcuffed man lying on the ground apparently in agony, but to no avail. The officer, with his knee firmly positioned on the neck of the man seems to give little regard to his plea. 

Life Is Like A Puzzle

Inspiration, Life

I was never good at putting together puzzles. There were too many pieces that brought a load of confusion. Many of the pieces look the same in shape and color, so I tried to force pieces together that seemed to fit, but they really didn’t…and I knew they didn’t. I focused on the individual pieces, tried sorting according to colors, and instead of ending up with a finished product the only result was frustration.


Inspiration, Life

We all make choices even though we may convince ourselves that “This is something I have to do” rather than “This is something I choose to do.” We choose our cars, choose our wardrobes, and our friends. We choose our jobs, choose our vacation places, and choose our hobbies. We choose our places of education, choose our place of worship, and choose our dwelling place. All of those are meaningful and important to our lives, but when I say “choices,” I’m thinking of those positive decisions affecting the way we live with one another and ourselves.