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We all make choices even though we may convince ourselves that “This is something I have to do” rather than “This is something I choose to do.” We choose our cars, choose our wardrobes, and our friends. We choose our jobs, choose our vacation places, and choose our hobbies. We choose our places of education, choose our place of worship, and choose our dwelling place. All of those are meaningful and important to our lives, but when I say “choices,” I’m thinking of those positive decisions affecting the way we live with one another and ourselves.

Our spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being depends on the choices we make. Think of choices like this…“My choice to live according to my own inclinations is the basis of how I approach life.

Peace is a choice. Consider this, if you choose peace over problems, then when problems come, (and they will come) your foundation of peace will be a tremendous asset in tackling that problem. Peace is the state of well-being of the mind and soul. It is much more than lack of war or conflict. As a matter of fact, disagreements do not need to end bitterly because peace considers the societal well-being, not just the well-being of self. Many think peace is avoidance, but it is the opposite. Peace is a wonderful choice for all. It certainly beats drama.

Joy is another beneficial choice. It’s one of my favorites. Joy is the sense of extreme contentment irrespective of the situation. At one of my former jobs, a particular co-worker always celebrated ‘Fun Fridays’ with us after closing hours. When the party was over, he would become sorrowful. On one occasion I asked, “Are you OK?” “Yes” he replied. “It’s just that it’ll be Saturday tomorrow, then Sunday will be here, so the weekend is over already.” In other words, he chose to see the weekend as almost over, instead of just beginning. He chose to focus on the ‘Monday Blues’ instead of the rest, relaxation, and memorable times he could create. Think of the times you’ve missed all the fun because you chose grief over joy?

There’s a story of a man who purchased the morning newspaper on his way to work every morning. He was always treated with impoliteness by the person who owned the newspaper stand. When he was asked why he remained peaceful while being insulted, and joyful while being treated rudely, his response was “I choose to act as I am…not react to how I am being treated.”

There are so many wonderful choices, positive choices, which determine our outlook on life. We can choose to spread cheer by sharing a smile. We can choose to demonstrate care by listening to a loved one. That’s the way to bring about change in the your world and the world of those you come in contact with.  It’s all up to you. You have that power of choice. Choose wisely.

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