Life Is Like A Puzzle

Inspiration, Life

I was never good at putting together puzzles. There were too many pieces that brought a load of confusion. Many of the pieces look the same in shape and color, so I tried to force pieces together that seemed to fit, but they really didn’t…and I knew they didn’t. I focused on the individual pieces, tried sorting according to colors, and instead of ending up with a finished product the only result was frustration.

One day I received a valuable piece of advice…”Why not look on the back of the box so you can see the whole picture?” Looking at the whole picture gave me the encouragement I needed in order to finish each puzzle. It took a little time, but my patience was present because I could see the whole picture…the end result.

That’s a lot like life. There’s childhood, teen years, college years, dating, employment, aging parents, starting a family, walking the dog, buying the car, paying the bills, serving many confusing pieces to life that sometimes we want to say “Stop the world and let me off.” We are overwhelmed with the colors, challenged by the shapes, and frustrated because it’s just not fitting.

Perhaps it is best to stop and look at the whole picture. Not the picture you desire, but God’s total design for your life. Psalm 139:16 says “In Your book were written, everyone of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there were none of them.” God already has designed the perfect life for you based on His vision for you to fit into His perfect plan. 

To understand God’s design for life we have to have clear vision. Sometimes the clearest vision is seen in reflecting on past events. We notice what worked, what didn’t and then we understand what God was doing for us and in us. Other times the present experiences are the best way to see God’s work in our lives. Basically, examining one piece at a time. Not forcing anything, just patience with everything.

Yes! I know it would be wonderful if He asked you what you would prefer, but then He wouldn’t be who He is. He’s great you know. And if He showed you the completed plan, then you wouldn’t really be walking in faith, now would you?

So when it seems like frustration is setting in, take a step back and see your life through God’s vision for YOU! Study His word to guidance and direction…it’s a lamp to your feet and a lamp that shines directly on the path you’re traveling. You can trust Him. Devote your attitudes and actions to His will and purposes. Then you will see the pieces coming together as He intended.


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