It’s Pretty Outside

Inspiration, Life

It’s pretty outside today. The sun is shining bright and there’s very little heat (for now). The clouds resemble big scoops or mashed potatoes in a big blue bowl of sky. Birds are chirping almost symphonically while the wind gently whizzes through the trees. You would never believe the level of crises upon us.

There are crises in our Churches all over America. It’s hard to imagine a Church building that’s stand empty and dark, yet that’s the new reality. Churches are burdened as members long for the gentle embraces experienced in fellowship. Fellowship is an important aspect of the Church life. It’s gathering and sharing growth like-minded people the joys of life and the overcoming of struggles.

Churches are struggling to meet the financial deadlines placed on them by the utilities and mortgage companies. Without the gathering of people, there’s a hesitancy by the people to give of their finances which allows the church to remain the “home” for the members.

There are crises in our Communities. COVID-19 is increasing in urban, suburban, and rural communities. Hospitalization of those infected is greater now than a couple of months back when the pandemic was thought at its peak.

Violence is on the rise as well. The nation is protesting the outrage of systemic justice in law enforcement, yet the murders of Black men continue. People are exhausted and desiring change. But not everyone. Some are encouraging more violence and seeking methods to intimidate and initiate violence.

There are crises in conversations too. These conversations are needed to gain insight into the worlds of one another, yet it is difficult to hear about the inequalities in education, economics, and being committed against a people that have worked hard and given their lives for the betterment of this society.

How are you dealing with this? Are you willing to participate in the needed changes of society? Or are you comfortable allowing oppression of race, gender, and economics to continue?

Yes! It is pretty outside today. You would never believe the level of crises upon us.


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