A Mother’s Trust


When I was a very small child, my mother read Bible stories to me each evening before bed. She always read the same stories, Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors, Moses and the Nile River, and Samuel, A Dedicated Child. I loved all three of these stories and the care given as she read. I didn’t know that she was shaping me for my future.

I would be in my twenties before I learned that Moses’ mother was named Jochebed. She never said anything profound, performed any sort of miracle, or is mentioned after Moses becomes an adult. 

As the story goes, after finding Moses floating in a basket,  Pharaoh’s daughter was approached by Miriam, Moses’ sister, and asked “Do you want me to find someone who will nurse the boy you just found?” I’m sure that Pharaoh’s daughter was aware that Miriam was not just a coincidence. Miriam brings back her mother, which was Moses’ mother, Jochebed. There’s no interview, no pre-screening, Pharaoh’s daughter simply tells Jochebed, “I’ll pay you the wage you demand.” 

WOW! Look at all the blessings of God on Jochebed. Moses, her son is saved from death, and he’s rescued by Pharaoh’s daughter. Jochebed is paid to take care of her own son which is extra income for the entire family. And most of all, Jochebed instilled the knowledge of God in her own son while she guided and guarded him from evil influence. Jochebed was able to witness her son grow to be a man without ever facing the threat of death promised to the male children of the Hebrew women.

I don’t know of any greater comfort for a mother than to know her child is safe and well. Then I think of my own mother. I imagine she was a Jochebed of her era. A mother determined to refute the negative possibilities for her son. A mother who never did anything miraculous or noteworthy, but someone who trusted in her God’s sovereignty and providence. I’m grateful for a mother who made opportunities to mold me in the reverent fear of God and witnessed my growth to manhood, maturity, and marriage. In her lifetime, she received God’s reward, and now, she rests with Him.

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