Holy Week | Thursday

Inspiration, Pastoral

Welcome day four of Holy Week.

Today’s scripture reading is Matthew 26 – the entire chapter. It’s a long chapter, but a very good chapter for your reading. Today we want to focus on verse 18 of chapter 26. Today is often called Maundy Thursday, where Jesus mandated to His disciples that this was the Last Supper. As often as you do it, do it in remembrance of me.

Well, we find in verse 18, Jesus tells his disciples, go into town, and find a certain man and tell him, I’m coming to your house today, to celebrate the Passover. Certain man means a specifically selected individual, somebody selected like, like you like me. He says, I’m coming to your house, I’ve selected to come to your house, not to be fed, but to bring to you that best lamb, the fattest lamb.

I am the Lamb who was slain, I’m coming to bring to you the best bread better than manner better than any bread you’ve ever tasted. Because I am the bread of life. I’m coming to celebrate, to enjoy a conversation, not about the deliverance from Egypt, but the deliverance from sin, not about the wilderness experience, how you wandered. But I’m coming to talk to you about how you entered into the promise that I presented to you.

Jesus says, today, I want to come to your house, to celebrate, to celebrate the joys of life, to bring you the precious wine of the Holy Spirit, to bring you his blood and his body, to bring you more of him so that we can enjoy life and that more abundantly. It’s Maundy Thursday, and this is Holy Week. God bless you.

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