Holy Week | Tuesday

Inspiration, Pastoral

Welcome to Day 2 of Holy Week. Today’s reading will come from Matthew 24: 1-35. It’s often called the olivet discourse. A discourse is a method of communication- verbal communication this is not a teaching lesson. This is not a sermon. It is actually a conversation. The conversation starts because in verse 3, the Bible says that Jesus went to the mount of olives and his disciples came to him. They asked him, “Tell us when these things will be. What is the sign of your coming and what is the sign of the end of the age?” Three separate questions. 

Now Jesus is not making promises to the church but he is making promises to his people. We have to understand the difference but the last words are so very important. 

I’ve had the privilege to sit by people and hear their last words. I’m sure you have too, but the last words are the words that you hold on to. Those are the words that you cling to.

In verse 35, Jesus says heaven and earth will pass away but my word shall never pass away. We can hold on to that promise. That’s a promise that Christ made that heaven and earth will dissolve but his words will never dissolve. They will never erode. They will never fade. They will always have the same value to us and in times of trouble, times of disappointment and in times dismay. We can hold on to the promises of Christ, especially during this week that we call Holy Week. I want to encourage you to hold onto the promises of God. Hold on and believe that God’s word will never fail. He will never leave you; he will never forsake you. He loves you. He cares about you. 

It’s one thing to say God you care about all of us and you have the whole world in his hands but it’s another thing to know that he cares enough about you to communicate with you to answer your questions and to tell you the truth.

This is Holy Week! God bless you be encouraged in the Lord.

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