Holy Week | Good Friday

Inspiration, Pastoral

It’s Good Friday.

Today’s scripture reading is Matthew 27. Again, a very long chapter, but it describes the cruelty of the Romans. It describes Christ’s death and his burial. I’m sure that you’ll enjoy the reading. We want to focus today on Matthew 27:32. The Bible says, as they were going out, they met a man from Sirene, named Simon. And they forced him to carry the cross.

To carry the cross of a criminal meant that you were associated with the crime. It meant that you are guilty. So you receive the beating, the spitting upon the verbal abuse, as you would the criminal. And so here is Simon, from Sirene, which is a part of Africa, who was forced to carry the cross blot. He carried that cross; he observed Christ in a different light. He was up close and personal because of the cross. He saw Christ compassion, he saw his great love for all humanity. Because in all of this persecution, Christ never mumbled and grumbled. He carried his cross with valiant courage.

How about you? Are you afraid to be associated with Jesus Christ? Do your co-workers know that you’re a Christian? Do your fellow associates in school and college understand that you name the name of Christ? Do you pick up your cross daily and follow Him? The question is, have you had the privilege to see Christ in a closer light to understand him in a deeper way to see his love to experience His compassion, not for just you but for all humanity.

We know that Simon was greatly affected by this. Acts 13 describes him as being with the apostles. He’s called assignment of Niger. Nigeria is the Latin word for black. Here it is that this man carried the cross. He suffered the humiliation and the shame. But he entered into great glory, because that is Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This is Holy Week. God bless you.

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